Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Why is Dan Malloy so unhappy?

Ned Lamont agreed to give Dan Malloy one more debate yesterday, even after Malloy has been saturating the public with deceptions and outright lies for the last several weeks. Lamont said he wanted to set the record straight.

After the debate, Malloy immediately complained and ranted to the media about his opponent. Looks like it's "business as usual" for Dan. I guess you can't do anything to make this man happy.


Anonymous said...

Will you please post the video, made after the debate, when Ned blasted Malloy about the layoffs. Ned said something like this: "Look, write this down, there were no layoffs ... ?

CT Bob said...

I'm working on it. Ned already offered the media to contact everyone who worked for him; Dan certainly doesn't want to take him up on it, because it would just validate that Ned was right.

Maybe we should try to find some of those 13,000 people who LOST jobs while Malloy was mayor of Stamford. I'm sure they have some swell stories of ol' Dan's "5,000" jobs.

Even if it turns out Lamont may have laid off a few people from his company, it wouldn't come CLOSE to the volume of jobs lost during Malloy's reign. Nor would it explain how he considers some of his magical 5,000 jobs created, when they were stolen by him from other cities by giving the companies HUGE tax incentives.

Which ultimately cost the city tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars PER job. No way that worker is gonna recoup the city for it's lost revenue. Great work, Dan!