Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Citizen Journalism in Zuccotti Park

Sunday I was in the city on business, but I had my camera with me and my appointment was only a block away from Zuccotti Park, so I thought it would be interesting to stop by the Occupy Wall Street protest and see what's happening.

The drum circle was relentless during the time I was there, and it was nearly impossible to do any interviews because of the noise. Plus, it was starting to give me a massive headache.

So I decided to just walk around and take in the sights. I began to notice how many people were documenting the event with their cameras, cellphones, tablets, and other various electronica.

That became the story of this video:

This may be the best documented revolution to ever occur. Everyone is a journalist these days.


lakezoarian said...

Yes, citizen journalism AND an act of resistance due to all the "camera bans" put into place as a part of the phony "war on terror." I always found that ironic due to the small size of modern equipment.

I see you're moderating comments now. Too many wingnut trolls, or is it folks making wild claims about the "deep politics" we're not supposed to know about? In my case, I have always tried to go where the propaganda matrix isn't allowed, for I feel that's the key to unravelling the deception that has kept us prisoner for so long. As in the link attached to my name above...

lakezoarian said...

Per my comment above, I'm not saying you're part of that matrix at all, Bob.

It's been a dream of mine for years, to someday sit down with you and try to share some of the stuff I've dug up without you just brushing me off as some sort of nut. I really feel it's the deep uncomfortable truths that are the key to our survival as something more than slaves living on a prison planet. Because I think you're that important to the solution. Peace.

CT Bob said...

I'm not moderating comments. The settings won't allow comments on posts over two weeks old without my approval, because I don't want spam or porn put on any posts without my knowledge. Those I delete.

Or if they're completely off-topic to support an agenda that doesn't address the point of my post. Christ, obviously I allow dissenting opinions; read the last 20 comments from JTHM if you don't believe me!

If you want a forum for your 9/11 conspiracy stuff, feel free to start one. blogger.com is a good place to begin. I don't mean anything personal by my not believing in your theories, I just don't want to waste MY time giving you a chance to "prove" them to me.

Or, to put it another way LZ, it's YOUR religion, not mine. I agree with your right to believe as you wish. Just don't expect me to join in, pal.

lakezoarian said...

Hi again, Bob. The header for the "post a comment" window that came up when I posted the first comment in this thread said something to the effect of "your comment will appear after moderation (not the exact wording, but like that)." Perhaps I never noticed it before, even if it isn't so. And yes, I've read the ones from JTHM. They can be pretty amusing!

Now, I didn't mention 9/11, just "deep politics." I haven't started a blog because there are already so many out there on the subject. I'm not sure what I could add to that. I work to introduce people to the idea that the "official" narrative just can't possibly be true given the facts and evidence available for anyone to see if they actually will look. And for people to ask questions and demand answers. It's an awful job, but somebody's got to do it, and I've had great success. The anger and outrage you feel around it I think was the whole point of it. And of course, that's mentioned right there in the PNAC plan from 1999. I won't go on more except to say; "time will tell," and that it's a part of the whole #occupy angst in it's way. Just like them, I'm trying to help bring back the good America, not destroy it. Sorry to tick you off.

CT Bob said...

I'm not ticked off at all. I'm sorry if I came off sounding that way.

Keep doing what you're doing, but please don't assume that it will automatically interest me.