Thursday, October 27, 2011

Malloy to sign bipartisan Jobs bill today

In a refreshing display of what a unified legislature can accomplish, the General Assembly passed the Jobs bill by a nearly unanimous vote of 147-1 and the Senate similarly passed the bill 34-1. The only two legislators to vote against the bill are, of course, Republican.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has announced he will sign the bill later today. The $626 million economic package will provide many ways to help business grow over the next two years. The plan includes offering matching grants or loans to small businesses, tax credits for employers who hire and train workers, requires the State DEP and other agencies to speed up the permitting process, provides tax credits for companies that hire veterans, the disabled, and the chronically unemployed, authorized $20 million in bonding to fund a training and employment program for small businesses, establish economic zones around several Connecticut airports, and other incentives. The legislation will be paid for by bonding for twenty years.

House Republican Leader Larry Cafero lauded the bipartisan effort:
"One brief shining moment or maybe a new chapter in the way we do business in this chamber, that's what I think this bill represents.''
House Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey similarly applauded the bipartisan nature of the bill's passage.

This is what happens when our legislature actually works together on an issue, rather than trying to block it for no other reason than partisan politics!

Here is the press release from the Governor's office:
This evening at 6 p.m., Governor Dannel P. Malloy will sign into law the jobs legislation that was approved last night by the Connecticut General Assembly. The Governor will be joined at the signing by Department of Economic & Community Development Commissioner Catherine Smith and a bipartisan group of legislative leadership, including Senator Williams, Speaker Donovan, Senator McKinney, Representative Cafero, Senator Looney and Representative Sharkey.

The legislation (HB 6801 – An Act Promoting Economic Growth and Job Creation in the State) was voted favorably by an overwhelming bipartisan majority and is aimed at reinventing Connecticut by spurring the creation of new jobs, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and strengthening the state’s overall competitiveness.

In addition to signing the bill, the Governor will discuss the benefits that the changes in the law will bring to the state and his continued goals to reinvent Connecticut and encourage economic growth.

WHO: Governor Malloy
WHAT: Governor Malloy holds bill signing ceremony of jobs legislation
WHEN: TODAY – Thursday, October 27; 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: State Capitol, Old Judiciary Room; 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford


JTHM said...

Bipartisan = we're screwed.

Only Chris Coutu and Sen. Kevin Witkos showed balls in voting against this bill.

Where's all this borrowing going from and the pay-off?

Maybe Malloy should try for a First 20 give away program.

CT Bob said...

So, you're saying that EVERY single Republican in the state legislature let you down, save those two? Wow. You're gonna be lonely out there all the way on the fringe.