Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy New Haven this Saturday

The movement is spreading.

It is generating numbers that the Tea Party dicks can only dream about!

Saturday, October 15th.


New Haven Green (College Street side).

(...if the weather is really nice I may be sailing, otherwise I'll try to be there...)


JTHM said...

Quote: Tea Party dicks can only dream about!

"At first they they mock them", seems I read disparaging remarks from you about the Tea Party way back when and you just can't help yourself now. C'mon, keep it real.

The two main gatherings of the TP in DC numbered 300/500K and Boston was 200K.
The parks were clean when they arrived and clean when they left.
Shitting on Police cars, public nudity and sex were not at TEA rallies, you can decide for yourself if that's a good thing or not...public shitting, really?
TEA had one message, Small Gov. responsible Finance and Regulation.
OWS, uhmm, no coherent message and much glomming on by Big Labor, Soros, and the DNC, including your president.
That said, the TEA movement was widely regarded as the main reason for the 2010 Blood bath elections.
The main Constituency of the OWS are one of the lowest voting segments of society and their one of many messages amongst or wacky ones( free college, free housing, debt forgiveness) of class warfare is not going to garner votes. Sorry, but your in for a huge fail if your going to take this train.

Of course the side show of watching you lose the Senate and the Pres, is going to be epic!

Anonymous said...


Move to a RED state if you don't like Blue state politics.

newswede said...

Oh wait your who is information on your linked site is from Illinois. Are you a carpet bagger or a tea bagger?

CT Bob said...

Hey, we're a national blog here Newswede! We encourage people from across the country to slag us in the comments section! LOL!