Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Blog Wars" tonight and Saturday

On the Sundance Channel. Tonight at 10PM, Saturday at 7PM.

I a bit surprised that they don't seem to be marketing this thing very much. Has anyone seen a trailer online anywhere for this thing?

Oh well, I'm kinda "Blog War-ed" out by now anyway.


MikeCT said...

Any ideas/news on where this might eventually be viewed by people who don't get the Sundance Channel?

CT Bob said...

Mike, there was talk of maybe putting on a Hartford screening sometime next month, possibly on the 17th. I'll post details when they're available.

MikeCT said...

Thanks, and do you know if the producers have any plans to release on DVD?

CT Bob said...

I'd imagine after it's TV run is over they might make it available on DVD. I kind of hope they do, because they have hundreds of hours of great stuff they could use for DVD special features.

CT Bob said...

So, did anyone watch it tonight?

I'm talking to the three of you that actually have the Sundance Channel.

Brian said...

I just watched the film blog wars and I can say it was faboulously produced and the storyline was a 100 percent on mark. Good job to everybody who was part of the production.

Anonymous said...

I just watched it, and I’m so happy I was able to record it on my DVR so I can watch it again because there is so much I want to see again! Bob, CTBlogger, Spazeboy, Maura, CTKeith -- how great to see everyone and how proud you all should feel in helping put together this great documentary! It was like reliving the whole campaign all over again -- covering the whole gamut from that wonderful primary night to the dreaded low on November 7th. Bob, you should feel very proud to have played a major role in this documentary, along with all the other CT bloggers – it was a real honest picture of what this campaign was all about and you all looked great doing it.

I have to admit it was hard having to see Joe and hear his lies all over again and listening to "sour grapes" Christopher Hitchens and Michele Milkin -- do these creeps ever deal with reality?!

One thing that was very clear from this documentary is just how powerful the bloggers will be for any campaign, evidenced by John Edwards blogging on DailyKOS today.

And, of course, it was fun seeing my split second part at the very end when Ned came to Danbury for his last rally on November 6th in Danbury.

Congratulations on a job well done!!!!!!!!!!