Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Photos from tonight's screening

Great time tonight at the screening of "Blog Wars"

We had around 60 people show up, and even though I supplied a suitcase of beer and a couple boxes of fine wine, our friends supplied plenty of food and drink to make this thing a PARTY!

I'm kind of beat right now, especially after loading so much leftover beer and wine into my car...wow, I made out like a bandit. Anyone up for a screening in about three weeks, when I finally run out of beer?

Neal, I got your cooler; and somebody left a bunch of ice-packs behind, so let me know who you are.

Being the de facto host of the evening, I got to speak in front of the crowd.


Now you all know why I shouldn't ever run for public office. At least I didn't shit myself. If you've seen the video, you know that's a potential issue with me.

Thanks go to Howard Johnson Lodge, 1052 Post Road, Milford (203) 878-4611, send them tons of business, my wife works there and she'd love to get a raise. And thanks to Mike Brown and Tessa Marquis for the video projector. It looked really great.

I'll just post these photos and go to bed. (Click to enlarge them)

Watching the video. That's my dad in the front row and my sister next to him. They loved the video.

More watching the video. Tim Tagaris spent altogether too much time with his head in his hands during his segments.

Three troublemakers, plotting and scheming. It's almost scary, they look of these guys. I'm glad they're on my side.

A group photo of the worst of the troublemakers.
Keep an eye on them.

(L to R: CT Keith, Maura, Sarah, Tim Tagaris, DeanFan84, Branford Boy, Spazeboy, Caffeinated Geek Girl, Gabe, Eric Tung, your humble narrator, Kirby, and Sue)


SecretAgentDude said...

I'm thinking of going by ETPhoneHome now Bob.. what do you think?

CT Bob said...

It worked for Speilberg. LOL

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