Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Caruso to challenge Bpt. Primary results in court

Early this afternoon, State Representative Chris Caruso made a dramatic announcement stating that he intends to file suit in Superior Court to overturn the results of the Sept. 11th mayoral primary, according to the Connecticut Post.

The 270 vote margin in Bill Finch's favor exceeds the maximum percentage required to initiate a mandatory recount threshold, which must be within 1/2 a percentage point, or roughly 45 votes out of the roughly 9,000 cast in the primary.

Caruso and City Council candidate Toyka Simmons-Cook filed nearly identical suits alleging that Santa Ayala, the city's Democratic Registrar of Voters, violated numerous laws and worked to sway the election in favor of the Democratic Town Committee's endorsed candidates. According to the ConnPost's article (linked above) the lawsuits include signed statements from numerous voters who allege poll workers advised voters to cast their ballots for the top line of the ballot, listing the party-endorsed candidates.

Here is my interview with Chris Caruso from late Primary night:

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