Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jim Himes "Talking Sense"

This video shows Jim's remarks at Caffeinated Geek Girl's gathering last week. He spoke of the opportunities that our nation's leadership has squandered in the months and years following 9/11. As we approach the sixth anniversary of this national tragedy, Chris Shays seems determined to support the ruinous policies of George Bush.

It's time for a change. If you like what you hear, please visit HimesForCongress.Com and support Jim's campaign for sane leadership.

And listen to the very end...Jim has a great line mocking Chris Shays's reluctance to take questions from Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

Jim Himes is an amazing individual with great values. Jim was my friend a very long time ago when he lived in Colombia. At that very young age he was already a leader and open to the ideas that encompass a foreign culture. I have no doubt that he will represent us well in congress.

Jorge Otero MD
New Haven CT