Friday, September 21, 2007

Kerri Rowland for Mayor: Lights! Camera! Action!

Thursday, September 20, 2007 Kerri Rowland 203-878-6882

Kerri Rowland for Mayor: Lights! Camera! Action!

MILFORD - Kerri Rowland, Candidate for Mayor in Milford, took time out from her campaign schedule this week to sit down for the cameras. Filmed in her office in the center of Milford, Rowland spoke directly into the camera, expressing her thoughts on several issues.

“I have spent months speaking directly to voters at their homes, around town and on the phone. I want to share with as many people as possible, my thoughts on these most critical issues facing Milford.

The first four general topics covered are: taxes; the environment; education; and senior and veterans’ tax relief.

Citing the need to hold down taxes so families and seniors are not taxed out of their homes, Rowland reminded voters that it was she and the other Democratic Aldermen that proposed cost-cutting measures in the budget and that their plan for lower taxes was rejected by the current administration.

The additional three spots continued to elaborate on her goals and vision for the community, while encouraging citizens to use their right to vote to elicit change in Government.

The spots were directed by local Milford filmmaker Bob Adams and will be released over the next few weeks. The clips will be in rotation on the candidate’s website
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About the Candidate:
Kerri Rowland has served as Milford’s 4th District Alderman and is the Milford Democratic Town Committee’s endorsed candidate for Mayor. Rowland is known city-wide for her honesty, accessibility, and work ethic.

About the Director (excerpted from
Bob Adams’ work with public access TV was recognized when he was nominated for a "Tommy" award for his public service announcement about voting. He created a documentary in 2005 combining elements of live footage with historical film and images with music and voice-over entitled "The Air Line Rail Trail". In 2006 he became involved in video blogging and has over 100 political videos on Youtube. He is also prominently featured in the BBC/Sundance Channel documentary "Blog Wars".
Authorized by Kerri Rowland. Paid for by Kerri Rowland For Mayor, Gerald C. Pia, Jr., Treasurer.

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