Friday, September 07, 2007

Post Bridgeport Debate wrap up

What a night! Tonight was a grand example of how "People Powered Media" can really work!

The debate, sponsored by MyLeftNutmeg.Com and Fairfield County Weekly went amazingly well. CT Blogger ran the videos, which were questions from regular people in Bridgeport. This Youtube-inspired debate broke new ground in the Connecticut political scene.

This is the view from CT Blogger's control center.

Here's CT Blogger, Maura, me, and Josh and Tom from FCW who did a great job tonight.

Maura helped me get video of the candidates at a local restaurant afterwards. Here's the video:


ctblogger said...

PPM strikes again!

I'm working on video from the debate and hopefully, I'll ave it online soon.

Picky Eater said...

CTblogger sure does look snazzy in that pic!!!! And Bob, of course, you are far more handsome than most people would expect...or so says Bill Finch anyway! :-)

Great that we got a pic with our partners at Fairfield Weekly.

CT Bob said...

I've been schmoozed by the best in the business, Maura, but Bill Finch might have set the Gold Standard with THAT attempt! I was sorely tempted to call him on it, but I somehow managed to maintain my journalistic poise and I let him slide.