Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming Attraction?

With Hurricane Earl possibly moving in to ruin my weekend boating plans, I figured it was about time to take a trip down memory lane about a storm that roared through Connecticut 25 years ago.

Cliff Clavin Dept:
It's a little known fact that "Gloria" was the most popular name given to newborn girls all throughout southern New England in the weeks following the storm.
(See how I cleverly used a well-known character from a popular 1980s sitcom as a literary device to state a fact about a storm from 1985? Awww yeah! I'm da shit, yo!)

Here's my early camcorder video, with loads of archived TV news footage included:

Is this a "coming attraction"? I hope not!


tessa said...

FOR SALE NEXT WEEK: Foundation to house formerly in Milford, with views of Long Island Sound.

CT Bob said...

Hurricane Party at Tessa & Mike's Friday! Bring a flashlight, raincoat, and personal flotation device!

vagabondblogger said...

Well, I don't live on the shore, but along the CT river. Still, I'm not looking forward to this. Stay safe.

CT Bob said...

We will be, but I'm guessing the worst thing about it is gonna be that we'll have to cancel our overnight trip to Port Jeff on Friday. My wife gets Fridays off and works Sundays, so our weekend is usually Friday/Saturday.

I think we're gonna have a bit too much wind to sail comfortably on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see "talking head" Janet Peckinpaugh next to her accused abuser, Al Terzi at the end of the video. Also, Dodd with salt & pepper hair and not just salt.