Friday, October 28, 2011

#OWS march up Broadway

This is some great video from Wednesday night's march from Zuccotti Park to Union Square Park in solidarity with the #OccupyOakland protesters who were attacked by police during a peaceful march the night before in Oakland.

The movement is growing. And the continued non-violent actions of the protesters will only strengthen their position. America is waking up. Finally.

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lakezoarian said...

I was in NYC for many of the street actions around the RNC Convention of 2004, the first time the NYPD acted like this. Just barely avoided getting scooped up several times only by pure luck (and a Razor to roll away on at the last moment). Never saw anyone try to storm through a line of motor scooter cops then, like what your video shows. I don't remember the level of tension and anger there is this time, it seemed more like a cat and mouse game. This is really frightening. For once I'm actually glad my 18-yo daughter is stuck up in Northern Vermont's dairyland. Safer to be part of #occupy Burlington...

I found these two videos "on topic" to your story.

JTHM said...

I was there in 2004 when Rep.Rob Simmons was attacked by leftists spraying Bleach at them. This is no different.
Liberals, Democrats, Anarchists, all the same.

And then again, it just gets funnier everytime reading about them!,0,3902173.story
"Where's the meat at? They ain't got no meat!" screamed one man who stomped around the park's perimeter looking for the sausage patty he said he needs to start his day. He settled for a chocolate chip muffin.


CT Bob said...

JTHM, as we both know, there are often a few screwballs involved with ANY movement. Hell, I was at the Bridgeport Tea Party rally on 9/11/2009, and the fact that someone played "God Bless America" loudly on a stereo caused some conservatives to literally blow a mental gasket! I have video of one guy threatening to come back and KILL a person who wasn't even involved in the audio incident!

I'm sure you don't hold that guy up as a shining example of the Tea Party ethos (I dunno, maybe you do; I'm willing to give you the benefit of a doubt) but I can assure you that the vast majority of liberals/leftists/Democrats don't agree with extremist tactics.

We want to change the system peacefully. You know, kind of like that liberal wacko Gandhi!

oldswede said...

Don't forget the false flag actions! Anytime there are peaceful demonstrations that turn violent, look for the covert agitators from the opposition, or even the cops and feds, trying to discredit the movement and justify their own violent reaction. Those of us who have been at rallies for years know to be aware of this. In the sixties, it was the FBI who infiltrated groups and tried to stir up the crazies.
The recent riots in Rome were led by disguised figures, dressed in black like anarchists, but probably were right-wingers, as many there believe.

CT Bob said...

Good point. There's already been several documented instances of conservative activists being exposed as agitators at OWS events around the country.