Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Congrats to Chris Murphy!

Tonight Chris Murphy won the senate primary in Connecticut by an easy margin. Now the congressman from the 5th district will face off against wrestling promoter and 15% tax bracket billionaire Linda McMahon in the November election.

You can help Chris Murphy become our next senator by clicking this link to his website and learning about his stance on the issues. And by volunteering your time or contributing to his campaign fund, which is much smaller than McMahon's.

Thank you to everyone who made this victory possible, and will help continue this into November and beyond!

(Ed. note: I wrote this post last Friday, right before we left on vacation, and scheduled it to go online at 11:30PM on Primary night. Yes, I'm taking a bit of a chance of this becoming my "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment, and should that happen I'm willing to take the heat for it. But I'm so sure Chris will have won this election easily that I'm happy to take that chance and support our next senator in the battle to win in November.)

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CT Bob said...

Yes, I'd like to just say...


I had nightmares while on vacation leading up to the results being counted on Tuesday!