Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOP bigotry in your face

(photo via Greenwich Post)

Republican douche-nozzle, paid GOP mouthpiece, er, I mean, "ultra-conservative blogger" Pamela Geller is paying for these obscene posters that appeared recently on MTA property. Geller runs a moderately successful blog called "Atlas Shrugs", where apparently spewing hate rhetoric and bigotry is considered an honorable pastime.

(BTW I visited her blog and my PC lit up with all sorts of shit it was trying to upload. Trust me, you do not want to go there if your virus protection isn't completely up to date.)

The ads are apparently part of Ms. Geller's anti-Islamic "crusade" (or jihad if you will) that she's been ranting about for many years.

My pal Saramerica (Sarah Littman) was part of the article linked above:
Town resident Sarah Littman said she saw the ad at the Cos Cob Station last week and quickly filed a letter of complaint with both the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council and wrote to all three selectmen as well as the District 8 members of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) as well as her State Rep. Fred Camillo (R-151).

“I was shocked and incredibly offended when I saw the ad,” Ms. Littman told the Post, adding that she has received a lot of support from those she has written to. “One of the reasons I love living in Cos Cob is that it has such a small town, bucolic feel to it with a strong sense of community. To have this kind of dreadful hate speech blasting you in the face as soon as you drive into the parking lot was shocking to me.”
Congressman Jim Himes also spoke on the controversy:
This has attracted the attention of U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-4), himself a Cos Cob resident, who criticized the ads in a statement to the Post.

“I am greatly disturbed to see the anti-Islamic signs at Metro North stations,” Mr. Himes said. “Condemning an entire religion for the actions of its worst extremists is ignorant and wrong. I cherish our free speech, but hate speech has no place in the public discourse.”
What Ms. Geller refuses to see is that comparing all of Islam to the actions of those extremists is exactly the same as condemning Christianity because of the actions of nutcases like Jim Jones, David Koresch, or Fred Phelps.

But Geller is much too full of hateful bile to digest anything as nuanced as that.


Vigilante said...

Don't get me started. Ah, too late. You got me started. Shit.

lakezoarian said...

You are aware that this is "pushback" for the earlier ones that showed how much territory has been stolen from the Palestinian people?

It ain't the GOP doing this, It's zionists.