Friday, January 14, 2011

2012 Senate Race heats up

Today Rep. Chris Murphy was quoted in the Hartford Courant (via CT Blogger at MLN) as he responded to a question about running for Joe Lieberman's Senate seat:
"It's something I'm interested in,'' Murphy said while standing outside Fitzgerald's Foods as darkness closed in late this afternoon.
I'm sure there's quite a few CT Democrats who would love to see Congressman Murphy run against that embarrassing political albatross known as Joe Lieberman. I make it no secret that I detest nearly everything about our (for now) senior senator, and I look forward to the day when he vacates that seat with almost as much anticipation as I held for George Bush to finally leave the White House.

There are several possible candidates for the Democratic nomination, especially when you consider that Lieberman will likely again be forced to run as an independent candidate. But, keep in mind that this time around the GOP probably won't cowardly stab it's own candidate in the back, like it did to Alan Schlesinger in 2006, so Lieberman won't be able to count on the massive Republican voting block he got then.

It's gonna take a real Democrat to win this time around! And I think Chris Murphy has all the qualities needed to be a good Senator for both Connecticut and for the nation.

Chris, please make the announcement soon so we can get started on winning our seat back.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I think Chris would be a great candidate, but I would love to see a Kennedy in congress. If I had a choice I think Ted Kennedy would be my pick. When Lieberman and Hadddaaassaa walked past me at Governor Malloy's inauguration I booed him loud enough for him to look my way. Not classy on my part but he turns my stomach. Dan, Lauren, Abby and Connor.

CT Bob said...

LOL! I'm actually surprised Joe showed up at an event where a Democrat won. I guess he's thinking that he can squirrel his way back into the fold. That'll never happen!

I just doubt there's any Kennedy around that approaches the legacies of Jack, Bobby, and Teddy. I think we should look among the candidates that Connecticut has to offer, and Chris is one of the best.

Peter Kaufman said...

I'm happy enough, naturally, with the prospect of Mr. Murphy running for Senate. The idea of showing Lieberman the door is great. But.

As a constituent of the Congressman, I don't want to lose him as my representative and I haven't heard who will be able to win the fifth as Democrat yet.

Anyone? Hello? This thing working? Tap-tap...sigh.

CT Bob said...

Mary Glassman, but is Simsbury in the 5th CD? How about Majority Leader Chris Donovan?

ctblogger said...

@Bob: Yes, Simsbury is in the 5th CD but I don't see Mary as the right fit got the Congressional seat (for several reasons).

The 5th CD is a REALLY big, moderate district and there are certain areas a Dem would need to win in order to have a chance. Although Mary has New B locked, I wouldn't say that's the case with Waterbury, Danbury, Meriden, and maybe Cheshire. Without those places, the Dems can kiss the 5CD goodbye back to the GOP.

Remember, Nancy Johnson held this seat for a LONG time and beat James Maloney when the 6th and 5th merged.

I could go on and on but I'll reserve further opinion until Murphy makes a decision.