Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Justice Scalia puts women in their place

In a recent interview, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia weighed in on the 14th Amendment and women's rights. From the Washington Post:
In an interview with California Lawyer, Scalia said that the Constitution itself does not protect women and gay men and lesbians from discrimination. Such protections are up to the legislative branch, he said.
So, the 14th Amendment only pertains to the rights of men. Heterosexual men specifically. Isn't that swell news for our nation's misogynists and gay-bashers?

Fortunately, someone hacked into Justice Scalia's Photobucket account, and found these images on his private album. This gives us a bit of insight as to his thinking.

Here's the Justice having breakfast with his wife:

Scalia also enjoys being politically active for his favorite causes:

And of course, when Mrs. Scalia accidently burnt the pot roast, well...

Yup, it's Equal Protection under the Law for all some Americans!

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Connecticut Man1 said...

I guess those 14th amendment protections can not apply to corporations either, since they are a "personhood" and not a heterosexual man. And so, neither should their rights to free speech be protected.

Especially true now as they have some women, gay men and lesbians that are associated with and own them.

"Those evil woman-gay-lesbian-corporate-personhoods... Give'em all the supreme court 1st and 14th amendments curb stomping now!"

Sorry, because I don't want to toss woman and the LGBT community under the bus... But if this is his logic it must be applied uniformly across the board.

emptywheel had some less scattered type thoughts up on this line of thinking yesterday at FDL.