Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chris Murphy to announce Senate run

Tomorrow Rep. Chris Murphy (CT-05) is expected to announce a run for Joe Lieberman's old seat. Chris Murphy is a three-term Democrat from the district in the chilly northwest corner of the state. Murphy will face Susan Bysiewicz and possibly other Democrats for the nomination next year.

I became aware of this news from Kevin Rennie's blog, despite having exchanged about four emails earlier today with my good buddy Tim Tagaris, who apparently is much better at keeping secrets than others associated with Murphy.

Even from his blogger friends!

Expect more stuff tomorrow after the big announcement.


Adam Lachman said...

This is a great day for CT and our Nation. Chris Murphy is a proven, effective, inspiring leader who in his impressive career has made it a priority to fight for improving our local communities, the lives of everyday CT residents and most importantly thinking about the legacy we leave for our children. Murphy is one of the best representatives today in his commitment to listening openly and frequently to his constituents, making himself available and accountable. Whether it has been on working to create jobs in CT, his promotion of local clean energy initiatives, a true advocate for access to affordable health care and his belief in just plain good honest ethical governance, Chris Murphy is the right choice for the US Senate in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I like and support Chris as a Congressman, but we've got to send Bysiewicz to the Senate. She's sure got the strength to deal with those Republicans in the Senate and stand up for us here in CT!

CT Bob said...

I'm a bit worried about how damaged Susan is after her disastrous run for AG. I personally like Susan, but I question her chances for winning at this point.

If this situation came up two years ago, I'd be leading the parade to get her elected. But I gotta be pragmatic, and say that she's a longshot at best. I'm sure the GOP is chomping at the bit for her to win the nomination.

Because we sure as hell don't need a Senator McMahon or a Senator Schiff.