Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do something to your clock today

Just in case you haven't heard this yet.

God knows, information like this is often slow to get around.

There are probably gazillions of people who don't know that Daylight Savings Time started today.

And the best tweet about DST goes to @mattyglesias:

"House GOP should get big government out of my clock and defund daylight savings time."

Also, congrats to the UConn Huskies Men's BB Team for winning the Big East Tournament, with the last three games being among the most thrilling I'd ever seen!

5 comments: said...

Sensational play by Kemba. Great play by Calhoun for Kemba to make his drive and then pass.

lakezoarian said...

A strange weariness came over me about 8:30 last evening, and I thought to myself- "DAMN, only on my second 'canaGansett and it's Saturday night, fer Chrissakes!" So I streched out and the next thing I knew it was 6:30AM "new time." So I got up and reset all the clocks, even the one in the stove.

That was easy :-)

CT Bob said...

Kemba had a career tournament!

LZ, I have one of those clock-radios that automatically change at the exact time. I happened to wake up briefly at 1:57AM, and I said to myself "I'll just wait and watch it flip to 3AM in a few minutes".

But I closed my eyes and woke up when the alarm went off. Damn it!

lakezoarian said...

CT_Bob, that sound's like something I would do too. Like boring a hole through the refrigerator door to see for myself if the light really does go off when it's closed...

BTW, that's a pretty wild illustration you picked for this story. Tell us, who is the little "7-Oclock" character, and why is he break dancing? Also, what does Sam plan to do with that musket?

CT Bob said...

The poster is from the 1918 Daylight Savings Time campaign, and I guess because of WWI, the poster had a gun on it. Both clocks appear to be pointing to 8 O'clock, but I'm not sure why (wouldn't it be better if the little one was 3:00 and the big one was 2:00?)

And you should have done what I did when I was a kid...have your big brother close you in the locking-door Fridgidaire to see if the light goes out. It did. LOL.