Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Night Music Club XVI

This is a very special edition of the Sunday Night Music Club (XVI), showcasing some of the talented artists who were at last night's SWAN DAY CT event in East Hartford.

I was there to tape Jaki Valensi-Lauper from, a web-TV entertainment show that I've been involved with since August.

SWAN DAY is a national celebration of women in the arts, and last night the Connecticut event was made possible by Jennifer Hill, a musician and the event's coordinator. It was a terrific event, and I missed the first half of the UConn-Arizona game to film the first few acts. Below are Jennifer and Jaki at the event:

The first video is the band Waking Elliot, who are from the Manchester area. They performed the song "Affliction":

During their set, artist Kerry Kozaczuk of Metal Eyelash Art worked on a painting at the side of the stage. I took about fifteen minutes of video, sped it up and set it to the song "Truth or Dare" by Waking Elliot to make this 3 minute video:

The finished painting is viewable on Kerry's Facebook Page.

I'm already making it a point to attend next year's event. Tickets were $12, and for that bargain price you get a complete evening of music and art, not to mention the good eats and drinks available!


lakezoarian said...


Now, here's the "Original Band With A Painter At The Edge Of the Stage" (formerly known as The Grapes of Vaudvillean Fantasy, from Norwalk):

And... they're playing in Wallingford this Saturday evening! (Jake's, East Center Street)

After my many years partying in the jamband and festival scene, I'd say they are in my "top ten". My fav song of their's- "Skinny Dipping"

Go. you. will. not. be. disappointed. I guarantee it...

CT Bob said...

They sound pretty good! I can't make it this weekend, but I'll keep an eye out for them in the future.