Saturday, April 09, 2011

Deal struck at last minute

In a ridiculously dramatic move the House passed an eleventh-hour spending plan that will keep the government in business.

Really, is anyone surprised? This became more about saving face than saving money.

John Boehner will get to pick up a check in Connecticut later today, and a late-night press release by the CT GOP stated that the Prescott Bush event "will be open to media with valid credentials."

Which, of course, will rule out most bloggers, myself included.

This isn't a bad thing in my opinion. If they allowed bloggers, I might be tempted to go. Nothing could be less fun than the thought of partying with hundreds of Republicans as they wax poetic about what a great guy Ronald Reagan was!

BTW, does anyone think that Reagan would stand a chance in today's Republican party? He'd probably manage to get elected as governor of California, but there's no way he would ever rise to national prominence with his "liberal" leanings! Republicans definitely have selective memory when it comes to "Saint Ronnie".


oldswede said...

I mean, jeez, he led a union!

CT Bob said...

Yeah! He's a commie pinko lib'rul, is what he is!

vagabondblogger said...

Hey, 2 riders the Republicans wanted to defund, Title 10 and the EPA, were both started by Nixon! He couldn't run as a Republican today either. It boggles the mind!