Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here you go, Trump

Are you happy now, Stupid?

Now how's about a little quid pro quo, Donnie?

Let's see your federal income tax returns for the last ten years. Because, as you've said, you have "nothing to hide".

Enough with the distractions, you twice-bankrupted reality-show hack!

(Que the cries from the Right: "Fake, fake, totally fake", etc. ad nauseum)


tessa said...


You musta been in a hurry to go work on the boat.

CT Bob said...

Actually, was in a hurry to go shoot video.

Worked on the boat after.

Now uploading the video.

It never ends!

Anonymous said...

BTW Americans were Racist in 1961, they never would have been so polite to put "African" as a race. It was always "Black" "Negro" or "Colored" Obamas Dad must have been a "Class act" to earn the noble 1961 title of "African." People check your Birth certificates, how many blacks out there have "African" for race?

and what is written on that hidden page? I know its not another Birth certificate because the "lines" do not match those on the right. What is it? Has this thing been independently verified? It raises more questions than it answers.

CT Bob said...

Annnnnnd they're off and running!