Friday, March 25, 2016

The Cuban Mistress Crisis!

Ted frickin' Cruz!

I absolutely LOVE this guy now!

He's managed to attain Clintonian levels of fucking around! A presidential frontrunner this far along in the race hasn't been this so completely caught at odds in ages!

Hint to political wives and advisors:

Always be on the lookout for the "crazy eyes"!

Whenever that hot intern or sexy aide is glued to the side of a candidate, watch her eyes! If she has that "I'm so in love with this guy" look, rather than the "all business and respectful admiration" look, you might want to nip that right in the ol' budsky!

A few well-placed words from the wife, or a closed-door meeting between the top advisors and the candidate where they spell out that he might be throwing away his only chance of becoming POTUS may work wonders in keeping an innocent work-place infatuation from becoming a half-million dollar donation to Carly Fiorino's campaign!

Or a drawn-out impeachment that ultimately failed to get the president removed.


Ya gots to watch for them "crazy eyes"!

You hearin' me, Mr. Trump?

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