Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump, Clinton both have a great night

Donald Trump has done something that not a single person in the world would have thought possible tonight.

Well, obviously except for Donald Trump.

Trump has mostly cleaned up in the Super Tuesday sweepstakes, although Ted Cruz has won his home state of Texas and nearby neighbor Oklahoma. But even then, most of the contests were proportional rather than winner take all, so Trump gained delegates even while coming in second place in a couple races.

There are outright statements being made by the GOP power structure that seems to be ready to mount a last-minute challenge to Trump's presumptive nomination.

The only problem here is that Donald Trump's star is rising so fast that it seems like the Republicans either have to accept him as their nominee, or they will concede the election to the Democrats.

Is there anyone who can save the party from Trump? More importantly, is there anyone who can save the party from the leaders themselves?

Trump is merely a symptom of an illness in the Republican party. They have let themselves get so far down the rabbit hole of hatred rather than the sort of common-sense politics that even a conservative hack like Ronald Reagan practiced that they've completely lost the thread of their party, and it's unwinding before us as we watch.

I almost feel sorry for people I know that have been life-long Republicans. To see their party go so far wrong in so short a time is sad and pathetic, and I can feel their sense of tragedy about what they've become.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has made a predicted good showing in the South, with big wins in many of the states. The results are coming in slowly, but all things point to Hillary gaining a huge number of delegates tonight. I can't imagine this will be enough to stop Bernie Sanders yet, but he'll need some substantial wins in the North and West in upcoming primaries in order to continue to be a viable candidate.

Ted Cruz just quoted FDR and JFK in his speech. I'm gobsmacked!

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