Tuesday, June 05, 2007

30 Months

Perhaps a long enough sentence for a swine like "Scooter" Libby to think about maybe squealing a bit.

It'll be interesting to see what effect all those letters the Bush Administration is begging people to write on their favorite convict's behalf. Hopefully Judge Walton will stick to his guns and maintain that Libby doesn't deserve to be free on bond while awaiting his appeal.

Libby's guilt is SO overwhelming and the evidence of further wrongdoing by the Administration is SO obvious that Walton would be doing the country a terrible disservice by letting Scooter walk until the appeal is over.

Libby needs to sit in his cell and reflect upon his crimes. And the crimes of others.

I'm sure nothing terrifies Dick Cheney more than that prospect...

Except maybe the idea that a just God really DOES exist. THAT would probably frighten the crap outta ol' Dead-eye Dick!

Jane Hamsher, Christy Harden Smith, Marcy Wheeler, and everyone who wrote about the Libby case at FireDogLake deserves our most sincere gratitude. Through their tireless efforts over the last two years, the intricate details of this drama that would have been overlooked by many were explained with precision and clarity.

Thank you FDL for your top-notch reporting on the case.


Jane Hamsher said...

Thanks, Bob. We just aspire to do what you do in CT.

And we appreciate you being there from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

What about Dick Armitage? Where is the outrage? Do not get me wrong, Libby is guilty and justice has been severed. He broke the law. Yet, I feel a bit empty knowing that Armitage is still walking around.

CT Bob said...

Jane, much love and appreciation to you. Thanks!

Carter, "...justice has been severed" is possibly a very fitting slip of the keyboard regarding Armitage. LOL!

Seriously, I feel we haven't seen the end of the reprecussions yet. One thing I've learned from this investigation is to be patient (which ain't easy, most of the time).

fuzzyturtle said...

Scooter is going to keep his yap shut... and be pardoned. It's tragic, but that s how I see it :(

must be my Eastern Eurpoean gloom and doom heratige shining thru