Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SiCKO Screening and Edwards House Party

Here's a couple of DFA events coming up that are interesting; these are open to the public, please click on the links to RSVP:

This message was sent by your DFA New Haven organizer, Justin Paglino.

Dear DFA New Haven,

This week there are a couple of DFA-New Haven member-sponsored events
you may enjoy:

1. John Edwards House Party hosted by Rachel Jackson in Branford
-Wednesday (June 27): 7PM
For info and to RSVP go to: http://dfalink.com/event.php?id=21175
-For the devoted and the undecided alike.

2. SiCKO Movie Night hosted by Robert Smith in Derby.
-Friday (June 29): 7PM
For info and to RSVP go to: http://dfalink.com/event.php?id=20920
-From what I have heard a very powerful indictment of health care in
the U.S.

Thanks to Rachel and Robert for hosting these events!

If you go, invite some friends!

-Justin Paglino


Anonymous said...

I am planning to drive down to Aldon & Kim Hynes' house for their John Edwards House Party. Wanna ride along? Swell House!

CT Bob said...

Tessa, when is the Hynes's party?