Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whew, I'm off the hook!

I'm relieved to see that MikeCT's video parodying Sen. DeLuca in "The Godfather" is WAYYYY better than mine...

...and perhaps more likely to annoy the people he's parodying.

That's MikeCT who made the video. M-I-K-E-C-T. Not me. Uhn-uh. Nope. Nobody named "Bob" had anything to do with this video:

Well...I had nothing to do with it EXCEPT post it on my blog...and heap loads of praise on MikeCT for his really great work!

(...and may he rest in peace)


MikeCT said...

My video was only meant to convey my profound admiration and respect for this distinguished public servant and family business head. CTBob's video, on the other hand, strikes me as profoundly disrespectful and antagonistic. Someone might want to have a stern, yet non-violent conversation with him.

CT Bob said...

I'd agree with you on this, MikeCT (that's M-I-K-E-C-T!!!), except that perhaps you MAY have gone beyond simple parody and crossed the line into what the Family calls a "wackable" offense.

You see, my parody didn't name names, quote any news broadcasts, or generally insult our finest ethnic group in this proud nation of ours, the Italian-Americans.

While yours, eh...maybe a bit.

Now, I don't think you have anything to worry about...but I'd suggest you purchase an auto car-starter.

You know, just to warm up the car on a cold day. It's good to have.

(All kidding aside, seriously good job with that one!)

Melissa said...

You're both going to get whacked. :)

CT Bob said...

Believe me, if Joe Lieberman was truly one of God's chosen people (and by that, I mean the Italians, of course!), I never would have teased him so mercilessly on video.

I'm not crazy, you know.