Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What the GOP in Connecticut is looking like

Look, I can waste an hour and type some semi-coherent ramblings here, but it's easier if you just go and read My Left Nutmeg and see what's been going on today.

Trust me, they got it covered.

UPDATE!!! Here's some video that CT Blogger and Spazeboy put up that helps:


CT GOP Chair Arrested


Connecticut Man1 said...

Just a quick thanks for pointing out the error in my title. An opinion is one thing, but facts are liberal. I want to keep it that way. :)

CT Bob said...

No problem; it was a minor nit, but I felt that it should be accurate.

Connecticut Man1 said...

If only we could get the MSM to fix their errors so easily? If they would embrace comment sections in the same way, instead of looking at it as a war.

Anonymous said...

You're saying the Ct. G0P is a led zeppelin?

Let's hope Chris Shays is washed away When the Levee Breaks.