Saturday, January 29, 2011


They're just regular people. People a lot like us.

Except they have a government that doesn't seem to allow democracy.

Mubarak just appointed a "Vice President". This may be a good thing. Maybe it means he'll agree to leave before the inevitable massacre, which typically occurs when a well-equipped military government (largely equipped via our tax dollars) feels threatened. Hopefully he'll step down voluntarily.

And if Murbarak steps down, there will probably be a functioning government to carry on, and a chance for stability in the nation.

But if he insists on hanging on until the end, the probability of outright civil war is very high. And that won't bode well for Egypt, or the entire region.


Anonymous said...

VP Biden says that Mubarak is not a dictator. The Obama administration sided with the Iranian thugs against the people, now the same in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

CT Bob goes international. I like it.


Anonymous said...

Bob you do great work, this video is spectacular. Dan, Lauren, Abby and Connor

CT Bob said...

Thanks. I'd blog more, but currently the mega-doses of cold medicine is making my brain feel like sponge cake. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon!

Chancellor_Sutler said...

I wonder how many of our Egyptian bros have watched the movie: "V for Vendetta." Remember the final scenes with the multitudes wearing Guy Fawkes masks brushing past the bewildered soldiers? I bet a whole lot of folks did, and now they're doing the same thing.

West Haven Bob said...

Has anyone heard fm vagablogger? Is she OK?

West Haven Bob said...

For the best online TV coverage of this crisis, I'd suggest Al-Jeezera English. It seems to be the least opinionated, and the most focused, on this matter.

Most Cable servers won't provide this TV service, for political reasons (for this I suggest you read HuffPo's article on this: HTML link )

I got this feed on:

HTML link

CT Bob said...

I wrote vagabond blogger, but haven't heard back from her. Which isn't a surprise if the internet is still switched off in Egypt.

vagabondblogger said...

Hey! We were evacuated from Cairo on Tuesday and arrived safely in Houston late yesterday afternoon. The evacuation was more stressful than living in Cairo during the demonstrations. BTW, I messaged you on FB on Jan. 26(?), so check your messages.

I will say this, even after watching the news last night and today, my choice was to stay in Cairo. But, I was not given a choice. What you see on TeeVee is what is happening in Tahrir Square. I don't, as do many others, live in Tahrir Square. For the most part, the outer neighborhoods and suburbs are very safe, for the time being. The troublemakers are the plainclothes police and Egyptian Mafia (hired thugs.)

I have photos and was hoping to post some stuff on my photoblog:

You will notice that I haven't posted anything since last week, due to no Internet. And I have been busy since arriving in Houston.

Please be aware that what is happening in Tahrir Square is not happening throughout Cairo. Also, no kawagas (foreigners) have been hurt, except by Mubarak supporters, during these demonstrations. We feel safer in Cairo, than we do in Houston (gun totin') Texas.

With today's events of Mubarak having his thugs go after journalists (last I heard many were evacuated), I am concerned that we will see another Tianamen Square (the students should have plenty of phone videos though.) When we in the USA wake up EST at 6AM tomorrow, the mosques will be letting out from Friday Prayers, and it could very well be a very bloody day. I hope not. What that man has done to his country confounds and disgusts me. Egyptians are wonderful people, and I am very afraid for them.

tessa said...

To Vagabond Blogger:
Thank you for posting. We were all concerned for your safety, even though aware of the situation as you describe it above.

CT Bob said...

So glad you're OK, VBB! Read my latest post. Thanks for the insightful updates!