Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Night Music Club XV

Jonathan Demme's 1984 concert film "Stop Making Sense" featured The Talking Heads and their amazing live show. I consider it the best concert film ever made, and even today the artistry and uniqueness of the movie resonates with viewers. If you've never seen this film, you're missing out on something amazing.

Watch it. Right now. You'll thank me later.

In 2000, the controversial film "American Psycho", based on the novel by Brett Easton Ellis, was released. The ultra-violent 1980s-setting satire caused a bit of a stir when released, but by now the memorable character of Patrick Bateman (played by the talented and volatile Christian Bale) has become a recognizable bit of pop culture.

("Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?")

What do these two movies have in common?

Besides both films portraying something of 1980s America, the Talking Heads' song "This Must Be The Place" was covered in 2009 by actor/musician Miles Fisher in an ode to "American Psycho".

The song was also prominently featured in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" (1987), another film that reflects the era so well.

Here's the Miles Fisher video:

Just for fun, here's a 2003 cover of the song by home-grown favorites MGMT recorded live at Weslayan.

And finally, because you've been so patient with me, here's The Talking Heads performing the song, from "Stop Making Sense":


lakezoarian said...

'80's New Wave has always been my favorite genre.

Get up a little early this coming Friday morning, and catch "Outermost Oddities" from 6 to 9AM at (the web stream of Provincetown's community radio station. With it's repeater in Orleans WOMR reaches all of Cape Cod, Plymouth, and nearly to the Boston metro area) Host Daniel Llata will get your morning vibrating by sprinkling some sonic post partum punk on your Wheaties!

Call Daniel at (508) 487-2619 and introduce yourself. Tell him Rodney sent you.

CT Bob said...

I'll have to give it a listen.

One thing about doing this feature is that I always, and I mean ALWAYS get the stupid song totally stuck in my head! It takes me a week or more to finally shake it off. I wish there was a cure for this (well, one that doesn't involve huge quantities of booze!)

lakezoarian said...

Hey, look at it on the good side; a fun song stuck in yer head sure beats a commercial jingle... I was plagued by stuff like "have it your way" etc. rather regularly back in the day. That sort of shit drove me nuckin futz! I remember there used to be a rather large local bank called "Peoples." They had a singing jingle in very heavy rotation that went:

"You have a voice,
you have a choice.
When you're a People's person,
it's all up to you."

So, one day I went down to one of their branch offices to try to learn just exactly what the hell that meant. It did not go well... I'll spare you the details, but the jingle never bothered me again.

Click on my name to D/L for free the latest album from the "Woody Gutherie" or our time.

And do call Daniel Friday morning to add your famous energy to the show (he loves requests). There will be other folks calling from even farther out than SW Ct.

CT Bob said...

You should watch the Sly Stallone/Sandra Bullock movie "Demolition Man", which portrays a dystopian future where the only popular music is pre-21st century advertising jingles. It's maddening.

And Taco Bell is the only restaurant that survived the franchise wars.

Yes, it's Hell.