Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rosa DeLauro at the Paid Sick Days Rally

Today Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) spoke in favor of paid sick leave at a local Friendly's restaurant. Friendly's currently doesn't offer its employees any sick pay.

Introducing Rosa was John Green from Working Families of Connecticut, and Tessa Marquis, a small business owner who voluntarily provides sick pay to her employees.


Anonymous said...

Everytime I turn around Rosa Delauro is doing something to drive up local prices and kill small businesses. When are we going to tell this Communist agitator she is a dangerous and wreckless person. You progressive Communists Glorify her like she is so wonderful. Can't wait for a return of McCarthyism. She is public enemy NO ONE! Shame on you CT BOB for promoting Communism in a DEmocratic Republic. If you love Communism so MUCH why don't you Joel Fishman and Delauro move to RUSSIA.

CT Bob said...

Very brave of you, anonymous. Typical.

I'm going to leave your post up, just to show people the kind of morons we're having to put up with to get anything constructive done. Keep serving your corporate masters dummy, and they might throw you a few crumbs.

But don't count on it.

Bill Hosley said...

"Anonymous" is always a cop out. But do let's consider that CT has been losing jobs and industry for 30 years and that without Fairfield County and West Hartford, we'd be Arkansa (without Walmart). It's not pretty. I love CT. I love our parks, the memory of great cities, so many cultural resources and a fab location between NY, Boston, Ocean and mountains of NE. But we gotta get our act together economically. I almost hate to face young people for the mess we're leaving them

CT Bob said...

I don't disagree that there's problems in this state, but paid sick leave is such a tiny burden to employers, and when coupled with the real savings they'll see in increased production, it's likely to be at worst a wash.

Besides, who wants a flu-ridden waitress who depends on every day's pay sneezing in their calamari?

JTHM said...

Really Bobby? such a small issue? Do you employ anyone, created a job while thrying to support yourself?
Firstly, most companies do offer sick time (85% do offer according to Dept of Labor) yet most likely are Mom and Pop resturants that employ part time waiters and waitresses, they have margins that are extemrely low and can be crushed by market flux that big business can absorb. You are a just another shill for for Socialist Left without a clue.
How you care to talk about nothing you know about whistle promoting Delauro ( my Goodness) is foolishness that can only be blamed on BLIND ideology. Surprise!

CT Bob said...

Do you enjoy eating food served by someone with a cold? Does that make you happy? This isn't a "social" issue, it's a health issue.

And I believe "mom & pop" restaurants are exempt from the proposed law, unless mom and pop have 50+ employees. In which case, you're talking about "Mom & Pop, Inc."

JTHM said...

Bob, everyone knows that 90% will go to work sick and call in after Sunday nite Football. We've seen and heard it, wait till it's beach weather. Guess how many other states are so concerned with sick waiters, none. And why is it you people only bring up resturants? It applies to any and all forms of employment. Don't sit there and act like Malloy is not talking out his butt with his stupid "Open for Business"...what a joke. BTW, rumor has it that UBS will be leaving for NY soon, this follows on the heels of Pfizer leaving for Mass. You and your buddies in Hartford are doing such a great job...of destoying this state.

tessa said...

I believe you are referring to Bad Management in both cases.

If people are abusers of paid sick days (which, after all, are wrapped into their vacation days) then it is up to management to deal constructively with absenteeism, as it would be under any conditions.

Companies feel free to move out of the state, any state, when they have no real ties to the community. This will continue as long as companies continue to be managed by people who have no true loyalty to the city or state, to the employees, and to the quality of life of their location - because that is where their own kids and families live and participate in the local culture.

And yes, I have a list of names to give you off-line.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CT Bob said...

An anonymous comment has been deleted due to the person who wrote being a cowardly piece of fecal matter.

Your mother must be so proud of you.