Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New York Yoo Nork

That's a lyric from a "Little Feat" song.

I just felt like using it here.

Still missing Lowell George. His voice was unmistakable.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are celebrating a big win in the Empire State tonight.

Trump, probably more so, because the Republicans have a "winner-take-all"
proportional system in NY, so Trump by winning so massively will receive almost all of the state's 95 delegates. As of 11:15 pm election night, Trump has a total of 840 of the needed 1,237 for the nomination. I doubt he'll fail to reach that number when the primaries end on June 7th with the huge state of California and the important state of New Jersey and three insignificant states somewhere out west.

I'm just kidding! There's nothing insignificant about New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana. Unless you're talking about the average I.Q. rates. Oh, there I go again!

Hillary Clinton won a roughly 60-40 split in the voting, expanding her delegate lead in the road to the inevitable nomination. I'm fairly resigned to that fact, but that wouldn't have stopped me from attending the big Bernie Sanders rally in New Haven this Sunday if I didn't have to pull a double-shift! We just lost a guy on the Connecticut crew, so we're expected to pick up his work until they hire a new guy.

(BTW, if you know any experienced ATM technicians who want a job that pays fairly unimpressively and has middling to decent benefits, shoot me an email.)

Anyway, next week's Big East primary (that's what I'm calling it!) features Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, and our own Nutmeg State. I'm looking forward to voting for Bernie even though he's likely to lose here in Hillary's backyard.

But at least I will get to vote my conscience. I was denied that opportunity in 2008 when Dennis Kucinich had dropped out by the time of our primary, leaving me to vote for Obama over Clinton. At the time Obama was marketed as an engine of change, but I pretty much knew how conservative his leanings were, and I wasn't surprised when so many of his election pledges turned out to be either watered-down, or not even enacted. Guantanamo is still is business, right? And Obama pulled Single-Payer off the table before the conversation even started.

With Bernie Sanders, I have no doubts about his convictions.

So even though it'll probably be a waste of time, my vote next week will signify in some small way that not everyone is on board with Clinton's agenda. If enough of us vote this way, we may have a voice at the convention and the ability to shape the Democratic party's platform.

Even that would be something positive out of all this.

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