Friday, April 01, 2016

Sarah explains it all

At the terrible risk of being labeled a "Bernie bro" by avid Clinton supporters, I decided to post this video from comic Sarah Silverman. She explains clearly why she supports Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Will I support Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination? Yes, of course. Hillary is significantly better for us than the very best Republican candidate in this race.

But do I want to see our nation led by a person who isn't beholden to the special interests?


BTW, what's with the term "Bernie bro"? Is there a similar "insult" for Clinton fans that won't result immediately in labeling the person wielding the phrase a woman-hating anti-feminist misogynist?

Or are Sanders supporters just supposed to take their lumps because, you know, they happen to believe their candidate (a man) will better represent them then the other candidate (a woman) who receives millions and millions from special interests?

This ain't about gender.

Until people make it about gender.

C'mon, let's elevate the discussion, and leave gender politics out of it!

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