Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Results from yesterday's Wisconsin primaries have tightened up both races for the nomination.

Ted Cruz, the daywalker who survives by stalking and devouring toddlers (possibly not true) easily won the state and nearly ALL its delegates in the winner-take-all contest; a few delegates were awarded to Trump based on Congressional district results. Yeah, I know it's confusing.

But Trump still has a big lead, and there's little doubt he'll expand upon it in the upcoming New York primary.

And on the Democratic side, while losing the primary Hillary Clinton was once again gifted a significant number of delegates due to our party's insistence on using proportional allocation of delegates rather than the winner-take-all method which our nation has used in presidential elections for more than 200 years.

Maybe some day we'll start doing it right, but I'm not holding my breath. Plus, super delegates! You all know how I feel about them. No need to go off on yet another rant.

(As I typed that I felt a rant rising up in me anyway, so I went and made myself an English muffin. I feel better now. You should never dismiss the calming effects of a Thomas's English Muffin!)

Regardless, Bernie Sanders did sweep to an impressive victory in the weirdly simultaneously liberal and conservative state. Bernie won by roughly 13%, which is a significant margin and may have been helped by Wisconsin's "open primary" rules, which allows registered voters of any affiliation to vote in either contest. So Bernie may have had help from independent voters, and possibly the odd Republican or two, although I see those guys as too invested in the Trump-Cruz battle to waste their vote on a liberal senator from Vermont.

The independent vote is going to be decisive in the November election, and Bernie's performance was significant in that respect.

There's a meme going around Facebook right now that basically says "For every bad decision Congress has made for the last thirty years, you will find a video of Bernie Sanders trying to stop it".

THIS is why I support him and want to see him as our leader. There is absolutely NO question that Clinton has often landed on the wrong side of some very significant issues, and I just don't see her changing if she gets to the Oval Office.

My apologies to all my friends and acquaintances who support Hillary. I'm all for a woman president; it's just I'm not sure that she's the best candidate to represent our interests.


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