Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Joe, just quit it!

Stop already! Jesus, can't you see you're hurting our country? What's the matter with you, anyway? Are you that stubborn that you'd rather start ANOTHER war than maybe admit you're wrong?

What IS IT with you?

Just shut your mouth, will ya? Stop talking.

(video by CT Blogger)


Mary said...

Wow, were WE on the same page or what! Bob...do you know of ANYTHING being down to oust this SOB?


Anonymous said...

I wish he would just fade away. he has to keep saying crazy things, or no one would pay attention to him. Can't wait until his buddies from the the GOP like Collins of Maine are outsted and he's forced to sit at the insignificant crazy old man's table by himself or with he BFF John McCain.

CT Bob said...

Mary - the only way to oust a Senator is by impeachment. We've all seen Harry Reid and our gutless Democratic "majority" fail to take any action against Joe's working overtime for Bush. I doubt that Joe will leave a minute before his term is up in January 2013, unless he chooses to.

Which is a thought that depresses me to no end.

UptownNYChick - Well, hopefully we'll make it through 2008 without Joe helping start another war, because that's the only way we'll finally disempower him.

Assuming, of course, that the Dems can pick up a few more seats and the new Majority Leader has enough guts to tell Joe to go screw and strip him of his seniority.