Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lieberman applauds Bloomberg's defection

In a statement that surprised absolutely no one on the planet, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-LIE) has given his approval to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's desertion of the Republican party.

From the Associated Press:
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman says he supports New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decision to leave the Republican party and become an independent.


Lieberman knows a thing or two about leaving a major political party and going it alone. He ran for re-election last year as an independent after losing the Democratic primary, although he still caucuses with Senate Democrats.
Sure he does...on everything except the War in Iraq and a bunch of other stuff the Democrats would actually like to see him support.

Bloomberg campaigned and raised money for Lieberman's re-election bid last year. But the relationship soured in February when Bloomberg expressed his frustration with homeland security legislation approved by a Senate committee headed by Lieberman.
No shit, Mayor Sherlock! It finally dawned on you that Lieberman might be something other than he professes? Gee, you're probably the dumbest billionaire on the planet.

I can't wait until Bloomberg runs for president. It'll make supporting anyone else that much sweeter!


Connecticut Man1 said...

Lieberman can suck up all he wants. There are too many real moderates that Bloomberg could chose to be running mate for him to ever make the cut.

Ctkeith thinks that McCain will jump ship, who would have a better chance than LIEberman, BUT I think that Hagel would be the most likely choice for Bloomberg, unless he looks outside of beltway politics.

CT Bob said...

Ron Paul, baby!!!

(Ron who?)

Sue123 said...

Now what blogger could have given Joe a sunfower? See, Senator, we're not so bad!

CT Bob said...

I knew you'd comment on that!