Monday, October 15, 2007

Bush-man and Lieberman together again

Bush-man greets his favorite turncoat senator Joe Lieberman at a fundraiser for a Republican (of course!)

The sign reads "Ann Coulter perfected Joe Lieberman and Richetelli". Click on the image to enlarge it and enjoy all the subtle nuances which lie therein.

You can almost feel Joe's cringe from this photo (from the Connecticut Post)

Here's my photo from last year's Newtown Labor Day Parade (the one Joe wasn't invited to, but he crashed the party anyway!)

(...and thanks are due to Tessa for scanning and emailing it to me!)
(...and Big Dave from Queens is an evil genius!)


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Anonymous said...

Ditto from me!

PS - hope you don't mind - I'm going to crib the scanned pic to post over at saramerica
because I had a little thing going on over there after I posted my diatribe against Ann Coulter and the "Jews must be perfected" mishegas.

CT Bob said...

Just credit Tessa for the scan and have at it!