Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dodd to filibuster FISA telecom "immunity"

Sen. Chris Dodd made this video the other day to discuss his opposition to the FISA bill, and yesterday said he would also filibuster it if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decides to break tradition and refuse to uphold the "hold" on the bill that Dodd proposed. This would be a highly unusual move by Reid, and might indicate something seriously amiss.

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The very fact that Reid hasn't immediately and loudly jumped on board with Sen. Dodd is mystifying to me. It makes me wonder if Reid is being "leaned on" by the telecom giants, who may in fact have digital evidence of some horrific images that Mr. Reid may have downloaded to his home computer late one night in a desperate moment of perverted weakness.

I dunno about that, but nothing else seems to adequately explain his reticence here.

Unless of course he's a closet Republican who's successfully managed to fool the Democrats for years!


vagabondblogger said...

I read somewhere today (NYT, WAPO?) that AT&T was one of Senator Reid's biggest contributors. I think we should get rid - as in outlaw - PACs and Lobbyists -at least for a certain time limit, before bills are brought to Congress - that would be a start.

My dream would to ban them altogether. I pay $1.00 on each tax form as a direct donation for Federally Funded Candidates. I say, PACs and Lobby money should be submitted to the same fund. Let's even out the field and stop these asses from voting on bills depending on who donated, as opposed to who they represent, (and what they represent, as in The Constitution.)

CT Bob said...

What you said here is the very definition of "Campaign Finance Reform".

Sadly, the only people who are against such a notion are those very people in office who benefit greatly from unlimited corporate contributions.

Very very few incumbents will ever call for finance reform. To get to the Big Time, you almost HAVE to be the favored son of the corporate lobbyists. These guys know the meaning of loyalty as it applies to big-money politics, and they expect to be repaid fully for their "support".