Monday, October 08, 2007

Love and kisses from Joe Lieberman

This time it's Milford Mayor Jim Richetelli who will be on the receiving end of Joe's affection.

Joe Lieberman will bring his message of cronyism and endless war to Milford on October 14th to pay back a political debt. Mayor Richetelli was an ardent supporter of Joe Lieberman during last year's senate campaign. So Joe has come to help out a "friend".

Actually, I think the issue goes much deeper than that. Lieberman seems to be bent on revenge for the many members of the Milford Democratic Town Committee who supported Ned Lamont AFTER he won the primary. Joe apparently felt betrayed by that, and now it's payback time and he's coming to campaign hard for the Republican incumbent.

The fact that a sitting US Senator feels it's necessary to insert himself into a municipal election is unusual. And that he decided Jim Richetelli is the best candidate without ever having spoken with Democratic candidate Kerri Rowland should be surprising to most thinking people.

But when that senator is Joe Lieberman, suddenly common sense gets thrown out the window.

You can help counter Joe's toxic influence on Milford's politics, and at the same time send a message to other candidates who think Joe Lieberman is the guy they want on their team by outraising him. Go to to donate to Kerri, and show Joe that he must GO!


Sellitman (Kevin) said...

Seems to more about Joe than the folks that supported him all these years. How sad.

CT Bob said...

He's been getting trashed by almost everyone he used to depend upon, so he desperately wants a "win" to crow about. I hope we can make an issue out of this and embarrass him yet again.

Anonymous said...

Richetelli's Kiss is way up front and personal.

Rowlands Kiss from Lieberman, is pretty well disguised in the form of Jim Amann.

As far as I am concerned they are both Liebercrats, with Richetelli being more honest about it.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

CT Bob said...

The difference is, Kerri is a Democrat and Jim Amann is a Democrat. That's the way things should be.

Anonymous said...

25 Years

25 years ago Joe Lieberman came to Milford seeking support for his run for Attorney General. He found support and made life long friends. Milford Democrats have raised money for Joe Lieberman for decades. How can he turn his back on the Milford Democratic Party and endorse the republican Mayoral candidate? Go see your Rabbi Joe!