Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jon Stewart crushes Tweety

How can you not freakin' love Jon Stewart?

He takes Chris Matthews, and exposes him, and his horrendously titled book "Life's A Campaign" for the drivel it most deservedly is. Stewart metaphorically smashes Matthews in his giant hydrocephalic head with his unsubtle hamfist-to-the-face approach to the book, and deftly trashes Tweety for everything his personal philosophy represents.

I kind of think that Stewart pulled his punches a little by the end of the interview, since Matthews was getting mauled so badly that even Jon started feeling sorry for him. Which is fine, because mercy is an attribute that certainly is in short supply these days, and there are bigger targets than an MSNBC hack who deserve a relentless smashing. Stewart effortlessly took Matthews apart, but managed to make nice by the end.

The video from last night's Daily Show is online at The Raw Story. Definitely worth a view.


Anonymous said...

I was watching with glee as Matthews became increasingly flustered and finally said it was the worst book interview he'd ever had or something to that effect.

All because Jon Stewart questioned his book's premise.

And you can count me as someone who DOES freakin' love Jon Stewart.If he weren't already happily married, I'd consider risking matrimony again.

I've got tix to see a taping in January - HOORAY!!!

CT Bob said...

By questioning the book's premise the way he did, Stewart completely trashed everything about it, and also Matthews in the process. It was a classic smackdown!

Awesome you got tix to see a taping. I used to see Letterman about once a month in the 1990's...after a while it got kind of routine. But a Daily Show or Colbert Report taping; I'd be there for that!

fuzzyturtle said...

I'm not so sure I was all excited about this.. I went to a daily show taping a MILLION years ago (just after Craig Kilborn left) and the past couple of years it's taken on the flavor of a wrestling match. I THOUGHT there was sort of a trend to be more open (a friend of mine went recently and said theres always a little speech about being polite and listening to the person being interviewed) but I guess that all went out the window that day.

I agreed with Stewart, but I wasnt too impressed. It was borderline O'Reilly-esque.

I expected better.

CT Bob said...

Well, I think my "unsubtle hamfist-to-the-face" comment pretty much agreed with you on your last point. Stewart's approach was definitely "Loofah-Boy" inspired.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't a whole lotta fun to watch! I can forgive him for the occasional rant like that.