Wednesday, October 03, 2007

City Clerk Alan Jepson

Yesterday I had the pleasure to shoot a candidate video of Milford's venerable City Clerk and former three-term Mayor Alan Jepson.

Mr. Jepson is a longtime fixture in our city's government and a bit of living Milford history. I remember back when I was five years old and Milford was celebrating it's 325th Anniversary (1964). My parents took me to the big downtown street party, where everyone was dressed in old-fashioned clothes and enjoying the event. We were greeted by Mayor Jepson there, and to me he was this impressive, stately, impossibly tall gentleman, who seemed to me to be exactly what the President should look like.

Alan Jepson has served as City Clerk for twenty years, and he's running unopposed this year. While there are significant differences between our local Democratic and Republican parties, we all agree that having a dedicated and honorable public servant like Mr. Jepson is a great benefit to us all.


Unknown said...

he is my teachers dad

CT Bob said...

I'm not surprised. Mr. Jepson has been in this town forever. He'll be missed as City Clerk.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Jepson. My name is David Smith the son of Violet Calender Smith formerly of Bridgeport. I have a old newspaper clipping from 1942 of your parents 50th wedding aniversary that my mother had. I would like to send it to you. Please contact me via email at
Best regards
David Smith