Wednesday, October 03, 2007

If Gore runs, wouldya vote 4 him?

The "Draft Gore" movement is alive and well in California.

I find this interesting.

If I was a more conscientious blogger, I'd put up one of those fancy polls where you can vote on a question. But I'm kind of tired right now and don't feel like bothering.

Of course, we'd all vote for Dodd if he's still in it come the CT primary in February. But just for the hell of it, let's do this: submit a comment stating who you would vote for from only among these frontrunners the MSM has selected for you:

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
Al Gore

Whaddya think?


spazeboy said...

From those four? Al Gore.

vagabondblogger said...

If Gore ran - Gore.

fuzzyturtle said...

phhht. No contest.. Big Al, even against Chris dodd.

he's HAWT.

Anonymous said...

Gore, hands down.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards

Anonymous said...

The Clinton's forbade Gore to Run.

He was pretty much made a deal he could not refuse. Do your research and you will discover on the web why he has been "tied up" and "tucked away."

Simply put he was not picked by the U.S. Governing Elite. Should he run he would probably end up in a lot of trouble.

Last time this happened was when they could not break Perot. He got the same offer.

CT Bob said...

anon 1:57 - obviously you know a lot about your allegations. How's about you cite your sources, or at least give a web link to where we can see some info?

Making a claim like that and not backing it up at all looks suspiciously like the work of a troll.

Jus' sayin'.

CT Bob
U.S. Governing Elite, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore definately (he's already won the presidency once, was stolen from him)!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore chose Holy Joe as his running mate. I believe Joe was on the take so Bush could steal that election. What happened to the 380k?

CT Bob said...

Yeah, Al Gore's choice of Joe Lieberman as his running mate seemed like an awful compromise at the time, and in retrospect it's even worse. I happily voted for Gore/Liebs in 2000, while voting for a future felon for Senate in protest of Joe's "have it both ways" stance. (I didn't know at the time you could simply NOT pull a lever for either candidate if you wanted)

And the $387K? Fuggedabouddit! You'd have an easier time finding the loot from the "Goodfella's" Lufthansa heist than expecting anyone in the FEC to provide more than lip service to the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Gore wont run, but if he did, I would vote to re-elect him. Maybe instead of Lie-berman, he can choose Shays.

I have Bush/Clinton fatigue, Big Time!

vagabondblogger said...

Great Vanity Fair article (actually a book excerpt) here:

Re: Gore's last year and run for pres vs. Hillary's run for Senate. Article is titled: White House Civil War. It just reinforces my negative feelings for Hillary.

vagabondblogger said...

Sorry whole link didn't paste right.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I'd vote for Gore in a CT minute. On the other hand Dodd is way down on my list. Kucinich is my real choice while edwards is my "mainstream" choice.

Anonymous said...

Have been supporting Edwards from the beginning....BUT..if Gore jumps in and gets the American support again,
I can easily vote for him...but he best have a good choice for VP..we all have had our fill of LIEberman and want to see him sunk there in Ct
in the next election...he is a disgrace to the State. Not a Hillary fan, not do I think Obama is ready to take on the country at this point. Down the road maybe!!?? We need someone that can LEAD and get us out of the mess we will inherit...and I don't think
Billy Boy would become the American
fixer upper that he could certainly do. I sense bad vibes between Al
and Bill...

Nice to see you active again Bob...
keep stirring the pot!!

Maureen from Boston