Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen welcomed with open arms

Apparently, the not-entirely-surprising move by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) (D-PA) has rattled the GOP quite a bit. Their reaction ranges from denial to anger.

Here's Karl Rove describing his reaction to the leap:

Actually Karl, it turns out that Specter wasn't a "life-long Republican" as you claimed; he was a Democrat until 1966 when he joined the GOP, and he simply realized that during the last four decades (and especially the last one) the party has moved too far to the right for the moderate senator.

I still don't think I can forgive Specter for his awful interrogation of sexual-harassment victim Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings; not unless he publicly apologizes to Ms. Hill. If after that she forgives him, then I'll forgive him.

But for now, I have to agree that it's a shrewd political move by Specter, which will ensure his spot on the ballot next year, as he would have faced a strong and very conservative GOP challenger in a primary for the state's remaining 21% Republican vote.


Connecticut Man1 said...

A better match for him would be the CFL party. Well? Before the CFL was taken over by sane people.

West Haven Bob said...

Since his days on the Warren Commission, Spector has shown a remarkably independent streak.

I worked against him in his first run (whilst at school); I can say there's an amazing amount of support for him in the so-called "red center" of PA.

carterman said...

"shrewd" is good way to describe it. Let's pretend for a second that he didn't switch and got beat roundly in the primary. At that point switching to something like an Independent Republican would not be so shrewd. He would be an ass hat..Hmm...no wait. Worse than that, he'd be a Joe Lieberman.

CT Bob said...

Not to mention that Pennsylvania, unlike Connecticut, does have a "sore loser" law, which prevents a candidate who loses a primary from running in the general election as a petitioning candidate.

So he couldn't pull a "Lieberman" even if he chose to.

Nopartisan said...

Whether fair or not with 60 votes in the senate in the publics eye the democrats now own all the problems the country faces. Now and for possibly a generation to come, the republicans (assuming they survive) have rendered themselves utterly irrelevant. For the mess we are in one party rule is necessary. The far right loons thankfully are approaching extinction, but dems should read that as a cautionary tale about what happens when a party allows it's extreme fringe to be it's face to the american people.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

He was just fine up to the bailout vote with the two weird dames from Maine.

He's been in big trouble from that point forward.

Note that not one GOP member of congress went along with that mess.

Also note that despite it GM remains in trouble now shedding Saturn which will reduce their hybrid sales by 25%

Killing off Pontiac (I fail to comprehend what cost savings that murder accomplishes) is a disgusting unnecessary death of a product line that has brought incredible levels of happiness to millions of Americans over the past 70+ years.

CT Bob said...

"...the two weird dames from Maine."LOL!

So, I guess we can forget about sending you a fundraising letter from N.O.W., huh?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

So, I guess we can forget about sending you a fundraising letter from N.O.W., huh?
I would hope.

Those are the same folks that didn't consider Nancy Johnson worthy.

Never mind her appearance on the masthead of NARAL for over a decade.

NOW is for over the edge leftist women and no one with a brain.

The GOP gave women the right to vote - look it up.

My own grandmother delivered Albany, when Albany fell, so did NY state and that was the last state required.

Elinor Roosevelt was no where to be found until AFTER the victory by the way.