Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He said a mouthful

Bt the time I got to about thirty, I lost count of the awful (read: hysterical) puns in this 2:41 beatdown of the entire "Teabagging" saga. Via FDL from MSNBC's Countdown:


Nopartisan said...

After spending several hours reading various stories about the "tea parties", one huge miscalculation by those who scorn the movement is that these people are idiots who are only supporting the wealthy. In fact some are quite clear in their views that eventually federal, state, municipal and sales taxes will go up for everybody. While I admit I am noo economist I sorta agree with what some of the coherent protesters were saying. To deride all of them as Mr. Olbermann did misses a huge key point. Outrage over senior Bushes broken no tax pledge led to a nutbag Ross Perot getting a significant percentage of the 92 vote. In 94 similar outrage over spending led to the Republican gains in the congress. One thing not present in both cases was the internet. With the internet they can be much more organized then in the two instances stated above. If Mr. Olbermann and others actually would take the time they would see that regardless of who started it, the embryonic movement has grown because of the use of the internet. While many of the teabaggers mouthed idiocy today a core of reasonable people were interviewed and they could create an online movement without the excesses of the hard right loons. These are very fluid times with the electorates mood and many are doubtful of those in government

CT Bob said...

That's a very valid point you're making. There are indeed many people who are simply pissed at government and wanted to make a statement. You can also assume that the results from the 2008 election were a similar uprising, but one that isn't derided and ridiculed.

And the economy and employment crisis are also reasons that people are upset. The tea party may be a way for them to boil off some anger and vent some steam (tea kettle analogy intended).

All the anger and signs I saw in those protests didn't suggest a single workable solution. People might be pissed, but they're not coming up with alternatives that might work.

We're still gonna mock the obvious corporate shilling that Fox and other conservative cheerleaders engage in, regardless of the turnout. 'cause that's what we do for fun.

West Haven Bob said...

I just google'd "tea bag" I wish I didn't.

Sometimes, ya get TOO much info fm the Internet. This was WAY more info than I needed!

CT Bob said...

Golden Rule of the Internet: What is seen on the net can never be unseen.