Saturday, April 11, 2009

Give it up, Norm (dot com)

The Minnesota DFL has started, which is (surprise, surprise) a website devoted to urging former Senator Norm Coleman to drop his GOP-induced foray into political suicide and concede the election to rightful victor Al Franken.

Minnesota is somewhat strapped because since this session of Congress began in January, they only have a single senator representing them. As such, there is likely much that isn't getting done in the interest of the state.

Of course, Norm Coleman has amply demonstrated his willingness to follow exactly what the party tells him to, along with Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is setting his sights on a run for the White House in 2012, and he won't do a single thing to cross his party.

The sad thing is, this entire recount has been conducted with absolute transparency and adherence to law, and there's little doubt that Coleman will lose the appeal when he files it. That'll be the last we see of ol' Norm, too. But that's just incidental to the GOP's aim, which is to deny the Democrats a critical vote for a long as possible. Their cynical partisan hypocrisy is a terrible thing to behold.


tessa said...

The financial cost, as well, is staggering.

I will be relieved to see former Westport resident Al Franken seated, although he is much more serious than the other Senators are expecting.

But then...aren't we all...

CT Bob said...

It'll be awesome to see someone carry on in the tradition of the great Paul Wellstone, instead of that GOP shill and empty suit Norm Coleman.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Off topic, but how long are you going hold that innocent seal captive on your front page?

Has PETA called yet?

Does Good Housekeeping even know their seal is missing?

CT Bob said...

I was going to run a picture of the seal with a gun held to his head, and the caption, "If you don't contribute to RIGHT NOW, I'll shoot this seal!", but I figured among my friends there's probably one of those PETA busy bodies who would rat me out!

You don't want to kid around with those people.

West Haven Bob said...

Isn't that PETA's "Seal of Approval"?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

You must recall this National Lampoon issue

CT Bob said...


ACR, yes that was the inspiration for my joke (I didn't even look at your link; I know exactly the one you're referring to!)