Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Breaking: Al Franken wins in MN!

*** UPDATE: Recount just concluded, with Franken at an unofficial 313 vote lead, up from 226 this morning ***

The recount is still going on, but with the votes counted so far, Al Franken has enough of a lead to prevent Norm Coleman from winning even if every single ballot turns up in his favor. Franken wins!

Go to TheUptake.org to watch streaming video of the rest of the recount.

And somebody go shake Harry Reid out of his coma and tell him to seat Franken before Norm files his appeal.

*** UPDATE: Too late! Coleman's attorney just announced they absolutely will appeal to the State Supreme Court. And after they lose there, we'll see it go to the Federal Supreme Court. Hey, all these appeals are gonna cost the GOP millions; that's money that won't be donated to their candidates. Appeal your hearts out, losers! ***


Anonymous said...

Seriously do you really want al franken as a US Senator.

CT Bob said...

A lot more than Norm Coleman, that's fer sure!