Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jim Himes discusses issues with bloggers

After a day of talking with various editorial boards, Jim Himes (CT-04) arranged to meet with local bloggers in an informal setting to discuss the issues.

(UPDATE: CaptCT's diary on MLN goes into more detail, so please give that a read after you finish this)

The economic situation was the primary topic. CaptCT from My Left Nutmeg brought up many questions and suggestions regarding the bank bailout, and below I asked Jim about the "Fair Elections Now" bill, sponsored by John Larsen (CT-01), which limits the amount of special interest money candidates can accept.

CaptCT, CT Blogger, and MattW from MLN, along with Gabe from CTLP will probably post more details of the meeting on their various blogs; I'll put up links here as they're posted.

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