Sunday, December 20, 2009

Could have been worse

Based on the reported snow totals elsewhere in the state, we dodged the worst of it. In some places it drifted to nearly two feet deep, but overall it wasn't all that bad.

Me, after clearing three driveways. After this, I still had to go and sweep the snow off my boat cover.

Now I'm home, watching the Bill-Pats game, with an icy cold beverage within reach.


Michigan Rich said...

I hope that icy cold beverage delivered the desired effect. In fact, you may have to repeat that ritual tonight as the fabulous Giants (well, not so fabulous) play the Skins on MNF.

I'm flying into Milford late this afternoon. Want company if you're home for the game?

CT Bob said...

Sure thing bro! Give me a shout when you get here.