Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A new word


lie • ber • manned

[lee ber manned]


1. to have blocked or closed up with an obstacle; make difficult to pass.

2. to have interrupted, hindered, or opposed the passage, progress, etc., of.

3. to hold a grudge far longer than anyone can imagine.

4. a willingness to punish the entire world for your own evil satisfaction.

5. to have broken countless pledges and renegotiated an agreement to death.

Used in a sentence: "The spiteful little senator Liebermanned the bill into oblivion."

Antonyms: assisted, encouraged, helped, supported, fulfilled his promises, kept his word.


Lucy said...

I can see the Dems' huge relief in having been gifted with the ideal scapegoat, Lieberman, to blame for their failure to pass meaningful reform.

The REAL question is: Will Dodd, Murphy, Larson, DeLauro, Courtney & Himes rubber-stamp non-reform that:
- forces us to buy overpriced/defective private insurance products;
- taxes our insurance benefits if our employers offer those deemed as “Cadillac coverage” regardless of our income;
- can't guarantee employers will keep our current insurance plans/provider networks or that insurance companies will keep benefits & providers the same – so we cannot keep what we’ve got if we like it; &
- lacks a public option?

I suppose we’ll soon find out. And then - will we hold them ALL accountable?

Or will we be content to, instead, bask in pointless, risk-free Lieberman-bashing......

Anonymous said...

The choices and actions claimed and taken by Senator Lieberman are, by my measure, in neither the interests, or in accordance with the will of the people of Connecticut, the United States or the world.

What a disgrace.

He clearly has interests guiding him that reflect no good for people anymore.

I look forward to his having no more say in matters of import than any other citizen.

Anyone but Joe next time.

CT Bob said...

Lucy, I agree that Congress generally suffers from a severe lack of courage in its leadership. It's starting to look like the obstructionists such as Lieberman are gaining the upper hand in this effort, and we'll likely see a horrible bill finally come to the floor for the vote.

Which is why we're starting to see a number of national political figures and bloggers call for a vote to kill the bill. And I hate to say it, but I'm starting to think that NO bill would be better than approving a faulty one.

Personally, I'll feel better if we get Senators to start pledging to vote against a bill that doesn't contain a public option or even a watered down Medicare buy-in.

oldswede said...

What some leaders like Howard Dean are proposing is killing the Senate bill and then working the House bill through reconciliation. HD seems to be saying is just dump the abomination before it gets worse and go with what Nancy and the gang cooked up.
Reconciliation may not need the deadly sixty votes.

Anonymous said...

Always good to see Joe subjected to some well deserved LieberBashing.

Soon, I'm sure, we'll have formal statements in support of Joe from Dangerstein and Lanny Davis. And, although he seems to have controlled himself so far, I'm expecting Dickie Goodstein to start a brawl in the Senate cafeteria any day now.

lakezoarian said...

Here's another new word- getting "Berlusconi'd"


"Italian PM still in hospital with fractured nose after man threw souvenir cathedral at him"

"He fell to the ground before being ushered into a car by aides but repeatedly tried to get out to show his bloodied face to the public and cameras in the square."


My, those passionate Italians...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, just reviving the "public option" won't help this lemon of a law.

The CBO has told us that the public option would be available to fewer than 5% of the US population -- while the average premiums for the option would actually be HIGHER than for comparable private insurance plans.

And the subsidies that are being discussed are laughably inadequate.

As for the Medicare buy-in: it's an even bigger scam. Remember -- it would be available to ONLY that small percentage of Americans who qualify for the "Exchange." And even then, those people would have to pay the FULL cost of Medicare premiums - WAY out of reach for most Americans (AND they would get the beloved prescription "doughnut hole" as a BONUS!)

This so-called reform is actually a big Fib ("Federal Insurance Industry Bailout Bill").

.... Time to start over??

Anonymous said...

well -

now -

Has the Democrats' scapegoating of Lieberman made some practitioners insane?

See: "Hartford Courant prepares for backlash created by today's blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon"

at: http://iblogwesthartford.blogspot.com/

www.democratz.org said...


send a message to traitor Joe Lieberman demanding he help enact a

strong single payer public option into law.