Friday, May 05, 2006

Best Bloggers Evar!

It's been a hectic 24 hours for me. Coming home early yesterday evening to find this blog front-paged on a number of high-profile, national blogs was a bit of a shock. Unreal, even. My counter jumped from about 800 to over 10,000. Whoa!

Until yesterday, I was happily slogging along with maybe 10 or so hits a day. No pressure, nice and simple. And suddenly, BAM!!! I'm on Joe's radar. DeanFan84 is totally responsible for this, and thanks to him I fear I might have to flee the state if Ned doesn't win the primary!

(How's the sailing around San Diego? Many computer jobs there? Just askin'...)

Actually I'm very grateful to him, and to all the local Connecticut bloggers. In fact, I'm being terribly remiss by not mentioning all the wonderful Blogs here in Connecticut. The political scene here, wild as it is right now, is being covered by a group of terrific people. They're smart, concerned, and angry about what's been happening to our country.

These folks put in amazing amounts of time and effort to getting the word out about Ned Lamont. Most volunteer in other ways, too, by collecting signatures, attending events, shooting video and taking pictures, and button-holing Lieberman with questions any time he appears in public. I'm very lucky to have fallen in with this group of dedicated Democrats.

Give these blogs a visit, read their posts, and say Hi. And visit them often.

(And if I forget anyone, go easy on me, OK? Send me a note and I'll add your blog. I apologize in advance.)

CT Blue
Ned Lamont Resource
Without A Purpose
My Left Nutmeg
YouTube Videos

...among others to be named as soon as I think of them.

And stay's the best way to keep your focus.


CT Bob said...

No, I do agree with's just I was saying that if Ned doesn't win, I'm gonna be on the hit list when the goon squads come looking for us. It's a joke, you see.

CT Bob said...

LIberal Yankee, thanks! That's awesome. "Ned-o-phile" LOL!

Keep in touch when you get back, and I'm sure I'll meet you at some Ned event.