Monday, May 15, 2006

Required viewing for all politicians

It's all too easy for us to lose our sense of proportion when we aren't directly affected by the War in Iraq (of course, this war affects everyone in ways that might not seem readily apparent). The ever-increasing tally of American deaths shown on the news each night seems far removed from our usual safe routines.

Something about that just doesn't seem right...

The video below, put together by local blogger Scarce, brings the reality of war home, in a respectful, low key, yet strongly emotional way. The sense of tragic loss is undeniable and the video is somewhat painful to experience. But it's also necessary that we don't forget the human cost of the war, in terms of pain and sorrow, that thousands of families have to suffer as a result of this awful conflict.

All those "chickenhawks" in Washington, who so eagerly sacrifice good men and women (as long as their own children aren't over there) simply to indulge in war profiteering and to exercise their hatred at the world, should be required to watch this video before every vote they cast that may put more of our military at risk.

The honorable Americans portrayed in this video can no longer speak for themselves. I'm glad that Scarce has a voice, and used it well to honor and remember them.

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CT Bob said...

My pleasure, did the hard hard, and it was a phenomenal job. Well done!